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Virtual graduation ceremony

Virtual graduation ceremony

Business College Helsinki’s virtual graduation party

Business College Helsinki has organized traditional graduation parties twice a year at the Messukeskus premises. However, the corona pandemic changed the plans, and the graduation celebrations in December 2020 were held virtually.

This is how Business College’s Riitta Antikainen tells about the implementation.

“We felt it was important to organize the graduation ceremony for our students despite the exceptional situation. After thinking for a while, we decided to hold the event in the Messukeskus’ virtual studio.

Although we ourselves had no experience in organizing similar events, everything started well when we visited the virtual studio in early autumn and received the Messukeskus’s proposal for the implementation.

Messukeskus’ AV experts supported us excellently and gave easy-to-understand practical advice along the way. On the graduation day, only the performers of the event were present in the virtual studio. The live event was watched by up to 350 connections, which we were really satisfied with. In addition, the recording of the event was on our website a couple of weeks after the event”, Antikainen sums up.

“The virtual studio worked perfectly for our needs and the graduation ceremony turned out to be spectacular. The feedback was very positive. In addition to the studio, we also had an adjacent break room at our disposal, where the Messukeskus people had been able to conjure up delicious meals for those present, even in such an exceptional situation.”

Riitta Antikainen, Helsinki Business College