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AV equipment rental

Rent equipment for your event

Looking for AV equipment for your event? We have a wide range of rental AV equipment available for projection, video, data transfer, lighting and stage structures. Our customer base includes AV companies, event organisers, convention builders and TV production companies. Check out our equipment list below and request a quote!

Explore our equipment

Eye-catching, modern and well-functioning AV technology – yes please! Check out our equipment list and get a quote. 


We use Prolyte’s StageDex stage system for stage structures. SVV’s truss equipment is from the top-of-the-line Prolyte 30 series.
Stage Bütec (2x1m)StageBütecBütec
StageDex Prolyte (2x1m)StageProlyteStageDex
Molton curtainMolton
C-Force LF250HoistC-ForceLF250 D8+
C-Force LCH 1000HoistC-ForceLCH 1000 D8+
CM Lodestar 500HoistCMCM Lodestar 500 D8+
CM Prostar 250HoistCMCM Prostar 250
Circular truss 20m ProlyteTrussProlyteOuter diameter 20m
Circular truss 12m ProlyteTrussProlyteOuter diameter 12m
Circular truss 8m ProlyteTrussProlyteOuter diameter 8m
Circular truss 6m ProlyteTrussProlyteOuter diameter 6m
Circular truss 3m ProlyteTrussProlyteDiameter 3m
Circular truss 4m ProlyteTrussProlyteOuter diameter 4m
Truss Prolyte X30VTrussProlyteX30V
Truss Prolyte H30VTrussProlyteH30V


SVV offers lighting solutions from decorations to show lighting and from conventions to summits. Our modern equipment includes the right lighting fixtures for every event.
Arri L7Light FixtureArriL7
MA Lighting MA Light consoleLight ConsoleMA LightingMA Light
High End Systems Roadhog4Light ConsoleHigh End SystemsRoadhog4
PAR 64 S/N B&SLight FixturePAR 64 S/N B
Robe Colorspot 700 EATLight FixtureRobeColorspot 700 EAT
Showtec Studio Beam CDM-T 575 BLight FixtureShowtecStudio Beam CDM-T 575 B
Showtec Studio Beam CDM-T 150 SLight FixtureShowtecStudio Beam CDM-T 150 S
Showtec Studio Beam CDM-T 150 BLight FixtureShowtecStudio Beam CDM-T 150 B
Martin MAC Performance​Light FixtureMartinMAC Performance​
Martin MAC 300Light FixtureMartinMAC 300
Martin MAC 2000 WashLight FixtureMartinMAC 2000 Wash
Martin MAC 401Light FixtureMartinMAC 401
Clay Paky Alpha ProfileLight FixtureClay PakyAlpha Profile
Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500Light FixtureClay PakyAlpha Spot HPE 1500
Ayrton GhibliLight FixtureAyrtonGhibli
Ayrton NandobeamLight FixtureAyrtonNandobeam
Ayrton MagicdotLight FixtureAyrtonMagicdot
Ayrton Magicblade-RLight FixtureAyrtonMagicblade-R
Ayrton AlienpixLight FixtureAyrtonAlienpix
ETC Source Four TungstenLight FixtureETCS4 Tungst
ETC Palletta 42Light FixtureETCPalletta 42
ETC Palletta 11Light FixtureETCPalletta 11
ETC Pearl 21Light FixtureETCPearl 21
ETC Pearl 11Light FixtureETCPearl 11
ETC Source Four HidLight FixtureETCS4 Hid
ETC Source Four Lustr+Light FixtureETCS4 Lustr+
Arri Junior 5000Light FixtureArriJunior 5000
Arri Studio 1000Light FixtureArriStudio 1000
Arri Studio 2000Light FixtureArriStudio 2000
Arri Junior​ 2000Light FixtureArriJunior 2000
Clay Paky Alpha ProfileLight FixtureClay PakyAlpha Profile 1500
Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500Light FixtureClay PakyAlpha Spot 1500

Video technology

SVV owns a wide range of displays, video projectors and HD and 4K cameras. Large projection screens are our speciality in event production; our powerful projectors make events or congresses more eye-catching and ensure that the message is clearly communicated to participants.
HD Camera Production Set – 4 cameraCamera SetSonySVV HD Cam Set
4K Camera Production Set – 4 cameraCamera SetGrassvalley, RossSVV 4K Cam Set
Camera lens 11x (HD) HJ11Ex4.7BCamera lensCanonHJ17Ex7.6B
Camera lens 17x (HD) HJ17Ex7.6BCamera lensCanonHJ17Ex7.6B
Camera lens 22x (HD) HJ22Ex7.6BCamera lensCanonHJ22Ex7.6B
Camera lens 40x (HD) HJ40x10BCamera lensCanonHJ40x10B
Camera lens 66x (4K) UHD DIGISUPER 66Camera lensCanonUHD DIGISUPER 66
HDC1500 Sony HDCameraSonyHDC-1500
Camera lens 25x (4K) CJ25ex7,6BCamera lensCanonCJ25ex7.6B
Camera stand Sachtler Video 25 PlusCamera StandSachtlerVideo 25 Plus
LDX86N GrassvalleyCameraGrassvalleyLDX86N
AVStumpfl FHD MediaplayerVideo PlaybackStumpflFHD Mediaplayer
Panasonic AV-HS400ACam SwitcherPanasonicAV-HS400A
Calibre LEDView 530Image ProcessingCalibreLEDView 530
Calibre HQView 520Image ProcessingCalibreHQView 520
Barco Image Pro II HD/SDIImage ProcessingBarcoImage Pro II HD/SDI
Barco Image Pro HD/SDIImage ProcessingBarcoImage Pro HD/SDI
Barco S3-4K Jr Video ProcessorImage ProcessingBarcoS3-4K Jr Video Processor
Barco S3-4K Video ProcessorImage ProcessingBarcoS3-4K Video Processor
Barco E2-4K Video ProcessorImage ProcessingBarcoE2-4K Video Processor
Barco EC-50 Event ControllerImage ProcessingBarcoEC-50 Event Controller
Barco EC-200 Event ControllerImage ProcessingBarcoEC-200 Event Controller
Fiber DVI Reel 100m KramerVideo CableKramerFiber DVI Reel 100m
Fiber DVI Reel 100m SumitomoVideo CableSumitomoFiber DVI Reel 100m
Barco Encore 3ME/HD VPImage ProcessingBarcoEncore 3ME/HD VP
Barco Video Controller SCImage ProcessingBarcoVideo Controller SC
Barco Video Controller LCImage ProcessingBarcoVideo Controller LC
Video mixer Sony BRS-200Camera equipmentSonyBRS-200
Camera stand Sachtler OB2000Camera StandSachtlerOB2000
Camera stand Sachtler VIDEO18 SBCamera StandSachtlerVIDEO18 SB
Camera stand Secced SC-DV2/75AHCamera StandSeccedSC-DV2/75AH
Robo cam Sony BRC-Z700, HDCameraSonyBRC-Z700
Sony HXR-NX5E, HD/SDCameraSonyHRX-NX5E professional camcorder
Canon XF105, HD/SDCameraCanonXF105 professional camcorder
Canon XF305, HD/SDCameraCanonXF305 professional camcorder
Laptop DELL Latitude E6420Computer & NetworkDellLaptop Latitude E6420
Display floor stand AudipackDisplay StandAudipackFloor stand
Infiled – LED screen S2.9VideowallInfiledS2.9
Video wall 9 x 60″ Sharp PN-V601VideowallSharpPN-V601
Video wall 4 x 60″ Sharp PN-V601VideowallSharpPN-V601
Display 103″ Panasonic w/ screenlifter, TH 103 PLASMADisplayPanasonicTH-103PF10EK
Display 98″ NEC 4K w/ screenlifter, MultiSync X981UHDDisplayNECX981UHD
Display 90″ Sharp w/ screenlifter, PN-R903DisplaySharpPN-R903
Display 84″ NEC 4K w/ screenlifter, MultiSync X841UHD-2DisplayNECX841UHD-2
Display 80″ Panasonic TH-80LF50 w/ screenlifterDisplayPanasonicTH-80LF50
Display 70″ Panasonic TH-70LF50EDisplayPanasonicTH-70LF50E
Display 65″ Nec 4K Multisync X651UHD-2DisplayNECX651UHD-2
Display 55″ Nec X551SDisplayNECX551S
Display 42″ Panasonic TH-42LF6WDisplayPanasonicTH-42LF6W
Display 32″ LH32MEB SamsungDisplaySamsung32″ LH32MEB
White screen 6m circular Showtex (F)ScreenShowtex6m circle
White screen 1820 x 520cm Stumpfl (F)ScreenStumpfl1820×520
White screen 1400 x 600cm Stumpfl (F)ScreenStumpfl1400 x 600cm
White screen 1200 x 400cm Stumpfl (F/R)ScreenStumpfl1200 x 400cm
White screen 810 x 460cm ScreenWorks (F/R)ScreenScreenWorks810 x 460cm
White screen 600 x 338cm Stumpfl FW (F)ScreenStumpfl600 x 338cm
White screen 660 x 360cm ScreenWorks (F/R)ScreenScreenWorks660×360
White screen 480 x 280cm ScreenWorks (F/R)ScreenScreenWorks480 x 280cm
White screen 427 x 240cm Stumpfl (F/R)ScreenStumpfl427×240 Front
Valkokangas 390 x 230cm ScreenWorks (F)ScreenScreenWorks390×230 Front
White screen 373 x 210cm Stumpfl (F/R)ScreenStumpfl372 x 210cm
White screen 325 x 183cm Stumpfl (F/R)ScreenStumpfl325×183 Front 16:9
Lifting tableLift tableAudipack
Projector lensesProjector LensBarcoTLD
Barco UDX-4K32 (laser)ProjectorBarcoUDX-4K32 (laser)
Barco HDQ-2K40ProjectorBarcoHDQ-2K40
Barco HDF-W26ProjectorBarcoHDF-W26
Barco FLM HD20ProjectorBarcoFLM HD20
Barco FLM HD18ProjectorBarcoFLM HD18
Barco FLM HD14ProjectorBarcoFLM HD14
Barco RLM-W14ProjectorBarcoRLM-W14
Barco RLM-W12ProjectorBarcoRLM-W12
Barco RLM-W8ProjectorBarcoRLM-W8
Barco RLM-W6ProjectorBarcoRLM-W6

Sound system

Sound solutions are individually tailored to the space and customer’s needs. Our sound system equipment includes d&b’s speaker system, Yamaha sound mixers and a wide range of microphones. For congresses, we use the Bosch conference microphone and interpreting system. We are able to deliver technology for simultaneous interpretation in up to 31 languages – in multiple locations at the same time.
Microphone Shure ULX-D 4chMicrophoneShureULX-D 4ch
Microphone Shure ULX-D 2chMicrophoneShureULX-D 2ch
Microphone Shure ULX-D 1chMicrophoneShureULX-D 1ch
Microphone Shure UHF-R 2chMicrophoneShureUHF-R 2ch
Bosch Discussion unit dual with channel selector DCN-DISDCSInterpretationBoschDCN-DISDCS
Bosch DCN-IDESK (Interpreter desk for 31ch)InterpretationBoschDCN-IDESK
Bosch EPS (extension power supply) DCN-EPSInterpretationBoschDCN-EPS
Bosch Audio expander (analog) LBB4402/00InterpretationBoschLBB4402/00
Bosch Transmitter 32 channel INT-TX32InterpretationBoschINT-TX32
Bosch Transmitter 8 channel INT-TX08InterpretationBoschINT-TX08
Bosch Transmitter 4 channel INT-TX04InterpretationBoschINT-TX04
Bosch DCN-WLIION-D (Battery Pack for WDDCS)InterpretationBoschDCN-WLIION-D
Bosch LBB4404/00 (Cobranet interface)InterpretationBoschLBB4404/00
Bosch LBB4512/00 (Digital high power radiator)InterpretationBoschLBB4512/00
Bosch LBB4511/00 (Digital medium power radiator)InterpretationBoschLBB4511/00
Bosch LBB4114/00 (Trunksplitter)InterpretationBoschLBB4114/00
Bosch LBB4115/00 (Tap-Off Unit)InterpretationBoschLBB4115/00
Bosch LBB3442/00 (Single earphone)InterpretationBoschLBB3442/00
Bosch LBB3443/00 (Lightweight stereo headphone)InterpretationBoschLBB3443/00
Bosch LBB4540/32 (Digital 32 channel pocket receiver)InterpretationBoschLBB4540/32
Audipack Interpreter boothInterpretationAudipackInterpreter booth
Bosch Wireless discussion unit DCN-WDDCSInterpretationBoschDCN-WDDCS
Bosch DCN-WCCU Wireless CCU (central control unit)InterpretationBoschDCN-WCCU
Bosch DCN-CCU (central control unit)InterpretationBoschDCN-CCU
Yamaha QL5 MixerMixerYamahaQL5 Mixer
Yamaha 01v96iMixerYamaha01v96i
Yamaha 01v96MixerYamaha01v96
Yamaha M7CL48MixerYamahaM7CL48
Yamaha M7CL32MixerYamahaM7CL32
Yamaha MG124CMixerYamahaMG124C
d&b audiotechnik J Subwoofer NLT4FSpeakerd&b audiotechnikJ Subwoofer NLT4F
NEXO RS18SpeakerNexoRS18
NEXO RS15SpeakerNexoRS15
NEXO CD12SpeakerNexoCD12
NEXO LS400SpeakerNexoLS400
d&b audiotechnik V12 loudspeaker NLT4F/MSpeakerd&b audiotechnikV12 loudspeaker NLT4F/M
d&b audiotechnik Y10P loudspeaker NLT4F/MSpeakerd&b audiotechnikY10P loudspeaker NLT4F/M
d&b audiotechnik E8 loudspeaker NLT4F/MSpeakerd&b audiotechnikE8 loudspeaker NLT4F/M
d&b audiotechnik V8 loudspeaker NLT4F/MSpeakerd&b audiotechnikV8 loudspeaker NLT4F/M
NEXO GEO D10SpeakerNexoGEO D10
NEXO GEO S1230SpeakerNexoGEO S1230
NEXO GEO S830SpeakerNexoGEO S830
Nexo PS8SpeakerNexoPS8
NEXO GEO S805SpeakerNexoGeo S805
Klark teknik SQ1 Audio SplitterSplitterKlark teknikAudio Splitter SQ1
EAW MW12SpeakerEAWMW12