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Messukeskus 100 years

Messukeskus 100 years

A seamless gala experience for 2,000 party guests

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre celebrated its 100-year existence with a gala evening for over 2,000 guests. The event program was planned more than a year in advance. The program turned out to be spectacular, and it was a pleasure to support it with light, sound and image.

EventMessukeskus 100 years gala
Goal: To implement a unique party for Messukeskus and to show what kind of large implementations the premises and SVV can handle if necessary.
Client: Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

Messukeskus celebrated its 100th anniversary with a festive gala. The challenge of the implementation was to keep the occasion unified, even though the celebrating crowd was spread out in several different spaces. In the end, we ended up dividing the program on different stages and streaming all events to all spaces. In this way, the participants would feel that they are part of the events and would stay informed about the evening’s program at all times.

Exhibition designer Mirjami Rissanen conjured up a wonderful visual look for three different event stages, and our camera, sound and data department designed the cabling between the spaces. The program was broadcast from one state to another both via the antenna network and streaming over the Internet. In the Valo event space, we erected an Infled LED wall, and in event space 101, we built a widescreen implementation and concert sound reproduction.